Barking dogs next door

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My neighbors dogs have been a persistent problem for the past few years. When neighbors have asked them to stop their dogs barking, they laugh. They currently have three dogs: a terrior , spaniel and a Alsatian. They are stressed and anxious animals. They can bark for two hours at a time. Most of the time they ignore them. I cant go in my back garden anymore. The female of the house can be aggressive and antagonistic with other residents. I have started to keep a log.

I sympathise but with some persistence this should be a problem that the local authority are easily able to witness and help with. Lodge a complaint to the local authority environmental health dept immediately. Send them your logs as soon as complete and request they install noise equipment asap and come around to witness the noise. Whatever you do make sure you continue to keep logs (tedious, I know, but very important). Talk to your other neighbours. If they have a problem maybe they can follow your lead (forgive the pun).