Arguments and rows

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Our neighbours (a young couple in their early 30’s) argue at least twice a week, waking myself and two children up. My husband and I have tried talking to them but they are very rude. Our landlady doesn’t care.

Whether it is a nuisance or not largely depends upon the frequency, loudness and what time of the night it is. Shouting regularly after 11pm will be unreasonable behaviour and more likely to constitute a problem, especially if it is accompanied by other general noise. If they are private rented sector tenants; it is a slightly different situation than if it had been a social housing tenancy (social housing providers are usually geared up to manage anti-social behaviour issues). However, they are still likely to have a clause on their tenancy relating to nuisance. You might wish to point this out to their landlord and point this out. If you are happy to make a complaint to the local authority you should contact your local environmental health department. Start keeping a detailed log of events and make sure you maintain it. This will probably be a difficult thing to witness in practice so a noise monitoring device may help.