Noise pollution is a serious issue for hundreds of thousands of people living in the UK every year. For the sufferer it can cause disruption, interference and irritation and in some cases lead to the development of stress and loss of sleep. So maintaining the comfort and well-being of people in their own homes is important. Not just to protect the human rights of the occupants but also to help sustain a happy, healthy and productive society.

Advice for Sufferers

One of our objectives is to provide clear advice and information to people suffering from noise problems. Try reading the advice topics listed below or the information on the blog.

Types of Noise

We’ve listed some of the more common types of disturbance below. We’ll have more topics coming soon.

What’s Your Story?

Have you been affected by noise issues? Are you currently suffering from noisy neighbours? If so please share YOUR STORY with us. Our team of enforcers will use the information you provide to give the best advice we can here on the Noise Nuisance website.